How to use it

Virtues & Flaws

Tick the types of Virtues and Flaws you want to choose from and click Display. After that, you can arbitrarily put together your character's profile and add specifications where necessary. Costs per trait and total costs for Virtues and Flaws are updated automatically and may temporarily exceed the counterpart's total amount until you have tailored your settings.

Note that there are 11 slots of Virtues (plus 1 Free virtue) and only 10 slots of Flaws. This allows you to pick a free Social Status without having to use one of the ordinary 10 slots for it. Note also that the collection of Virtues and Flaws is for listing and representative purposes only, and do not automatically affect your Characteristics, Arts or Abilities. This holds particularly true for Virtues that grant additional development points for certain fields of expertise.

Enter the amount of points (7 by default) to be distributed among your Characteristics and click Start over. Cycle through the Characteristics via the tab (and shift-tab) key to make your changes. Alternatively, click the - and + buttons to decrease and increase the Score of a Characteristic, respectively. Using either method, the costs of the modified Characteristic will be updated automatically.

Unlike Characteristics, Arts can be calculated for several development periods, one after the other.

  1. Click New period to initiate a new development period. A small requester window will pop up.
  2. Enter the amount of points to be spread among your Arts within this period and click OK.
  3. Modify your Arts until all points are spent. Clicking Start over resets your values to the Base of the current period. In the initial period, the Base is 0, while subsequent periods will set the Base to the current Score of the previous period, respectively.
  4. If you like to go for another development period, click Next period and specify the amount of points for that period.

Like Arts, Abilities can be calculated for several development periods.

  1. Check all types of abilities your character may choose from, specify the maximum number of abilities you want to pick and click Display. (You may select any number of Abilities. The total amount is limited only by the size of your character sheet and web browser window. Likewise, the option to pick specific types of abilities is for readability purposes only.)
  2. Click Next period to initiate the first development period. A small feedback window will pop up.
  3. Specify the amount of points to be spent and click OK.
  4. Select the appropriate Abilities from the drop-down menues and enter Specifications where necessary. Distribute your points by modifying the Scores. Clicking Start over resets the Scores to the Base of the current period.
  5. If you like to go for another development period, click Next period and specify the amount of points for that period.

Please note that the application operates score-based instead of point-based, that is, you can only spend multiples of points enough to raise a skill to the next highest level, and cannot save the points for later usage. You modify a Score, and watch the Costs change along with it, not the other way around.

The Bonus values of all calculators just add to the respective Score to determine the actual Total values. They are not taken into account when determining the costs for these values. Bonus values (like those obtained via Puissant Ability) are usually granted by Virtues.

The yellowish text fields are read-only feedback indicators and cannot be edited.

At the current state of development, the Point Costs Calculator does not allow you to save your numerics. The best way to keep track of what you have entered is either to print your screen or to make a screen shot of your browser window. Alternatively, you can write down your values on a character sheet.