Brave New World

Ask not what your country could do for you.
Ask what it could do to you.

Brave New World is a game about the American spirit. You can tell that from its binding, bearing Stars and Stripes, or you may get a glimpse of the game's underlying message by browsing the first lines of the book's back cover or taking in its first chapter.

Brave New World is about upholding the American dream, a dream that is not only threatened and immediately endangered, but spurned by a totalitarian, equalizing government as well as an ignorant and media-lulled society. To emphasize the idea of conflict and tension, Brave New World does not deal with ordinary people, but sports superhuman protagonists that take its focus, much like superheroes who wield supernatural powers. There are good guys and bad guys, and the idea is to take side (preferrably the good guys') and fight against the other by all means necessary. The message of being a reluctant and, most importantly, undercover hero is stated clearly in a straight forward approach: The job sucks, you don't get paid, but, hey, somebody has to do it. This is the life of a superhero(ine).

You don't have to play a human wielding supernatural powers to take part in Brave New World. You can also take the role of a supportive character, a choice that will undoubtedly remove you somewhat from the focus of the game. The real fun is to customize and compose a character with certain supernatural powers, to fine-tune him or her with all beneficial skills and crunchy bits, to assign finishing touches in form of flaws and quirks, and to finally apply for kicking the enemy's butt.

The game's rules set employs a simplified variant of the D6 system, focusing on action-loaded plots and quick action resolution — semantics that perfectly match the idea and message of a straight forward game. The basic book is well balanced between rules, that mostly deal with customizing and fine-tuning characters as well as doing combat. There is also some background information about the scenario and playground the players find themselves thrown into.

If you like the idea of confronting a clearly defined opponent, struggling for a better future and not being too subtle along the way, you might like Brave New World. Basically, it boils down to this:

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