Changeling: The Dreaming

Changeling takes part in the World of Darkness as well as a fairies' world, Concordia. Characters exist in both worlds — the gray and mundane world where humans are predestined to fit perfectly into a society of tax-paying citizens and a beautiful, happy medievil world where they live their lives as fairies, pixies and sprites, the kind of life and existence they actually long for. While there is nothing to love and explore in a mundane world, the Dreaming opens a portal to a much more colorful realm where quests and adventures require volunteers who carry their heart at the right place.

Changeling is probably the most colorful of the World of Darkness-series and traditional in the sense of featuring multiple aspects of classical fantasy heroism. Unlike Vampire the Masquerade and such, with whom it co-exists in White Wolf's World of Darkness, Changeling is not so much about the PCs' tragic existence in a dark world, but about making a difference in a world that is to be explored and turned for the better.

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