The two most important things newbies have to understand about Cyberpunk are:

Both statements epitomize the world in which Cyberpunk takes place: large sprawls of steel and concrete jungles inhabitated by millions of unsatisfied people brew violence of all kinds, sparking an arms race of offense and counter defense. The Cyberpunk scenario may be filed somewhere between Shadowrun, a setting that incorporates awakened creatures and the use of magic on the one side, and Cyberspace, which rather focuses on a hard science fictional display of a world influenced by technology, on the other.

In Cyberpunk, players take the role of heroes who, by following their individual paths, try to survive in a harsh, violent world. Some of them try to get rich, driven by greed or the idea to wield power, while others try to change the world for the better, but only few heroes are completely indifferent about what goes on around them. In a technological future where virtually anything can be implanted in a body, enhancing and augmenting the host's physical and sensual abilities, limits of what can be achieved by sheer will is determined only by what you can pay for the latest equipment.

Effectively, it all boils down to this:

  1. Get a gun.
  2. Get some implants. Don't worry about side effects.
  3. Rock the world without being rocked yourself.
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