A Free Universal Role Playing Game

Abstract [Edit]

Epitome is a free role playing game system. "Free" means that you can use and copy it freely without being charged for anything. It also means that you are free of manacles and fetters while playing it. "Role playing game system" means that it comprehends a rules set to be used for role playing. Epitome does not provide a setting or background - just rules. However, these rules, generic as they are, have been designed to work with a large variety of possible settings. Moreover, the set of rules, if any, is quite small. They have been designed to help you, not to bother you, so you actually might consider to call them hints instead of rules.

On Spheres, Infinity and the Encouragement of Arbitrariness [Edit]

Epitome represents an attempt to create a rules system including as few rules and obligations as possible. Basically, its approach is that players should enjoy playing the game rather than struggling with rules. These rules, hints actually, should be regarded as suggestions rather than obligations. They may be altered, bent and left out altogether without rendering invalid the system as such. The rules have also been designed to be smooth, that is, unite and melt several independent aspects of the game into one continuous thread.

Unintended similarities [Edit]

Epitome may have turned out to be quite similar to Everway in regard to its open approach considering rules. However, unlike Everway, Epitome offers no background or setting. For instance, Epitome neither deals with the four elements (except for providing multiple examples of how to include the aspect of elementalism into the game), nor spherical planes of existence, though both aspects might be considered sketches for a customized setting. Like Epitome, Everway also emphasizes visual thinking instead of a mechanical, numerical approach. Still, Epitome takes this approach even further in regard of determinedly turning its back on numbers and relying on graphics and visual representation only. It does not use tarot cards, but adamantly puts decisions into the hands of the players.

Any similarity to Everway or any other game, is completely coincidental and without intension or purpose. Epitome started developing when I didn't even know that Everway existed.

Copyright [Edit]

The content of Epitome is distributed under the OpenContent License. Please read it before downloading or redistributing Epitome. - Thank you. Despite the term "license", Epitome is a free piece of work.

Resources [Edit]

Any feedback via e-mail to epitome<at>ekkaia<dot>org is welcome.


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