More than 500 years ago, Chaos emerged from the north for the first time and fell in over the southern realms inhabitated by human society. The lands were layed to waste, scorched and plundered, and human society nearly came to a stillstand. In the nick of time, The One spread faith in the minds of five chosen individuals, who managed to unite mankind in the final battle against Chaos. They were victorious and later founded the Church on top of which these chosen men formed the Marquis. Chaos was driven back to the north, and the opening that connected the human world with the world beyond, was sealed by an Iron Gate.

Mankind prospered, but not without drawbacks: One of the five members of Marquis was tempted by Chaos and opened the Gate to unleash it. His plan was thwarted and he was thrown beyond the Gate, and the Gate was locked behind him. Ever since, Chaos, with its new spearhead, tempted creatures of all kinds. Battles were fought, won and lost, elves and dwarves were involved, and their taking part in the struggle for the world rendered the intercultural, interracial relationships even more complicated.

Some years ago, when the stars were right again, the Iron Gate's seal was broken once more and Chaos starteds to spread over the continent. New alliances formed and prophecies are hoped to either come true or to be prevented.

Like Warhammer, Gemini is a RPG that takes part in a grim, dark world where Chaos and Law form opposing aspects, a duality of eternal conflict. Although players have the option to choose sides, surviving on either side is far from simple. Neither Chaos, nor Law offers ultimate power and thus, the PCs constantly are forced to live on the edge.

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