Magic as we know it from numerous books and movies does not exist. Magicians do not exist. The Source or the Force do not exist. Arcane powers and the ability to cast spells do not exist. What exists are demons, creatures native to various planes of existence. These demons can be contacted, summoned and controlled by certain people, the latter of which are usually referred to as sorcerers.

The reasons for summoning demons are as manifold as the women and men practicing the necessary rituals. Some just demand physical protection of their extraterrestrial companions, while others are interested in different kinds of services and pleasures. To make use of a demon, it has to be contacted, summoned and struck a bargain with. Strictly speaking, demons want to be summoned and bound, because being bound to a master is the only way they are able to obtain their specific needs. This is also why dealing with demons always strikes two sides of the medal: using the daemon's powers also requires the master to have its needs fed.

Ron Edward's RPG developed out of an ASCII-file that had been published on the Net a couple of years ago. Thus, the game could be discussed and improved via a busy user community's feedback. The game rules are simple and may be embedded into a variety of different settings and scenarios. Sorcerer games run fluently. Players can concentrate on their characters rather than having to deal with rules or restrictions.

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