What type of role player am I?

16 questions to reflect what type of role player you are.

This online form is supposed to collect, compare and relate data being sent by web users. It may be regarded as some sort of opinion poll to determine the site's visitors' preferences in regard of their preferred style of play.


How important is it for you to create and develop a continuous story?

not important very important

How important is it for you to build a coherent and compliant correlation between the created "realism", the game world, and the involved characters' actions.

not important very important

How important is it for you to lead your character to his or her limits, employing his or her abilities and skills?

not important very important

How important is it for you to be able to rely on a collection or set of rules?

not important very important

How much complexity do you expect of a good set of rules?

low high
Game Flow

If you had to decide between orderly following the rules or fluently running the game, which one would you prefer?

rules game flow

How important is it for you to determine the outcome of a situation by employing the use of chance and luck, like rolling dice, instead of making decisions on a gut level?

chance human factor

How important is a game master's final word in regard of making decisions compared to the players' attempt to cooperatively decide what happens?

game master cooperatively

How important is it for you to be able to value, gauge and quantify a fact, an ability or the outcome of an action?

not important very important

How important is it for you to develop and improve your character in the course of the game session(s)?

not important very important

How much time do you spend beyond the game session planning and developing your characters?

little much

How important is it for you to consequently play out your character's personal behaviour?

not important very important

How do you like to verbally express your character's interaction with his or her environment during the game?

indirectly directly/literally

How important is it for you to strictly differentiate between the real world and the character's virtual reality?

not important very important

How important is it for you to have other players around who "match" your personal preferences in regard of style of play?

not important very important

How important is it for you to play regularly?

not important very important

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